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Justin Miller 6 December 2012

Software developer, photographer, and entrepreneur Justin Miller is a software developer, photographer, and entrepreneur. He's currently involved in his seventh successful startup and likes to balance lots of coding with traveling and getting outdoors, meeting new people, and keeping up on non-technical pursuits as well. By day, Justin works remotely for Washington, DC-based Development Seed on the MapBox suite of custom mapping tools, mostly as an iOS developer. MapBox's tools and services are in use by organizations such as TriMet, Intertwine, Foursquare, Flickr, and Craigslist. Justin's relatively new to the mapping world -- before that, he ran a one-person consultancy for about five years doing web, mobile, and systems freelance work for clients both local and around the world, including Small Society (working on Starbucks and ...

Tyler Hurst

Writer. Inspirator. Runner. Knows the words to Baby Got Back. I'm a freelance writer, event planner, runner and guy who wants ...
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4 December 2012

Kate Ertmann

Entrepreneur, thought leader, seasoned speaker, charitable advocate, math geek Kate Ertmann is a businesswoman, seasoned speaker, thought leader and a charitable ...
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28 November 2012

Nathan Taggart

I make web businesses that make money. Nathan Taggart started his first web-based business at 18 and has been building digital ...
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16 November 2012

Corey Pressman

Former anthropology professor turned educational app consultant and speaker Corey taught anthropology for 12 years before founding Exprima Media, a software ...
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13 November 2012

Kent Hollenbeck

Communicator, PDX believer, Mid-west transplant, amateur cyclist & golfer Kent Hollenbeck was raised on the plains of Iowa and South Dakota ...
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12 November 2012

Frank D’Andrea

Jesu swept. Frank is an experienced listener, thinker, and doer. He likes motivating self-organizing teams, eliminating wasteful practices, and delivering digital ...
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9 November 2012

Daniel Clancey

In it to win it. Daniel Clancey is the Founder and Creative Director of Homeschool Snowboarding. Homeschool is a technical apparel ...
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8 November 2012

Gary Smith

Software design and support guy currently between engagements. Born/raised on the east coast (NJ/PA). Stints in the south and mid-west (Huntsville, ...
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7 November 2012

Sam Pardue

CEO and Founder of Indow Windows, Co-founder of Lensbaby Sam Pardue is a serial entrepreneur who left the Intel mothership to ...
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6 November 2012

Robin Jones

Enjoys being the first business person @newco, growing a company Robin Jones has broad experience in the mobile and semiconductor ...
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5 November 2012

Kathleen McDade

Writer, educator, mother, wife, WordPress blogger, Girl Scout
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22 October 2009

Marsha Shenk

Pioneer of Business Anthropology, Veteran consultant, teacher, facilitator & coach.
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12 October 2009

Jim Gray

Creative Strategist, Commenting Ninja, Blogger, Youth Pastor
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8 October 2009

Martin Vavra

Where art and science meet in one person
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7 October 2009

Cory Huff

Imagination is the Tool
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5 October 2009

Mark Colman

Artist, Explorer, Photographer, Raw Vegan, Multidimensional Nondenominational Hedonist
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30 September 2009

Danea Horn

Positive, Motivated, Grateful, Inquisitive, Speaker
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29 September 2009

Mark Lawler

Software entrepreneur & executive
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28 September 2009

Matthew Holm

Accomplished writer, artist, and Web developer
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25 September 2009

Bruce Christensen

A Technical Outlier, just trying to fit in.
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24 September 2009

M Edward (Ed) Borasky

Thought Follower, Sit-Down Comic, Mathematician and Linux Geek
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23 September 2009

Caitlin Jeffery

Nerd. Mother. Wife. Bibliophile.
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22 September 2009

Dave Kresta

Wrestler of ideas
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21 September 2009

Steven Osborn

Hacker of random things
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27 May 2009

Audrey Walker

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2 April 2008

Nick Bostic

Marketer, tech teacher, suit-wearing treehugger
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1 April 2008

Inger Klekacz

Photographer, programmer, reluctant extrovert and messer-up of things
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31 March 2008

Hanz Araki

Flute/Whistle/Shakuhachi player/singer of Celtic and Japanese music
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30 March 2008

Asha Dornfest

Writer, founder of, well-intentioned but ill-equipped homemaker
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29 March 2008

Matt King

Code smashing, retro-gaming, Internet loving dude
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28 March 2008

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