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Aaron Meyers 21 January 2008

Aaron Meyers

Level 1 Dad LFG PST

My teeth were cut on the online industry in San Francisco during the heady late 90′s, working at Wired Digital and Lucasfilm. It’s possible I’m a web developer, but consider myself more of a general technologist. Since I’ve been in Portland I’ve done a few things: NIC testing at Intel, some freelance web development, and more recently worked as a Technical Support Representative for CollegeNET. I still like building my own boxes, I use open source software whenever possible, and Ubuntu is on my laptop.

What are you up to?

Being a dad. Wondering when the next time I’m going to go bowling is. Reading a book. Studying game mechanics and the best way to implement them, especially for card games. Professionally, I’m starting work as a freelance web developer, and also hoping to find some work that lets me flex my IT/support brain. I think of myself as a web vet and it’s interesting to see how the industry has changed, especially the last few years.

What are you into?

I like to play games. Card games, board games, anything where you get to roll attack rolls and/or there are lots of dice. 10d6 is a beautiful thing. I’ve been playing Dungeons & Dragons with pretty much the same crew since 2002. We’ve gone on many adventures. Right now my 13th level Ranger is in the thick of it, in service of some Elven god or another. It seems the situations we get in are more complex than the daytime soaps.

I got into longboarding about 2 years ago and discovered there’s a great scene here in the Pacific Northwest. Your local crew is eastside longboards, and I’ve been fortunate enough to skate a few garages with them downtown.

I’ve got a 55 gallon aquarium in my basement stocked full of fish. It’s a nice community freshwater tropical set up with live plants. I’ve found that fish are quite technical pets. It’s all about creating the right environment for them to survive and be happy.

I’m an avid reader and enjoy everything from Pynchon to Pratchett, usually bouncing between weighty tomes and light fluff. I still have a penchant for cyberpunk after all these years and have dived into philosophy and other non-fiction literature on occasion.

What do you like most about Portland?

Portland is comfortable. The pace of life is pleasant. The bike lanes and public parks. The coffee. The people I’ve met here and the friends I’ve made. Summer, spring, and fall are beautiful. Winter can be tough but with snowboarding so convenient it hardly seems fair to complain.

What do you think you’ll be doing 20 years from now?

I don’t know, but I’m sure it will have something to do with technology. It’s something that has grabbed my imagination and has never let go. Technology moves at such a quick pace, it seems there’s always something better up on the horizon. Granted that always doesn’t pan out, and there are flops, but they’re quickly put aside as The Next Big Thing shows up. I guess it’s that constant new shinyness, the potential that there will be something great and that I understand it and know how it works is appealing to me.

What are your simple joys?

Spending lazy weekend days with my family. Playing silly games with my daughter. The guilty pleasure of watching Dallas wity my wife. Playing games (not computer games!) with friends and enjoying the camraderie that gaming endears. Using a skateboard as my primary means of local transportation. Getting a good night’s sleep. Finishing my coffee.


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