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Portland On Fire is a daily discovery of PDX people. The site introduces you to a person in the Portland, Oregon (PDX), area every day. Reach out and connect. The site was created by Raven Zachary and launched on January 1st, 2008. Rick Turoczy of Silicon Florist took over when Raven was ready to pass the torch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why are you doing this?

Current online social networks are ineffective channels to meet new people. This site will help to facilitate networking. Raven was working on a project in the late 90′s called ‘Great Minds’ – a global profile site of amazing people. This is an implementation of that idea focused around the amazing people in the Portland, Oregon, area.

Why is the site named Portland On Fire?

Portland is ‘on fire’ with amazing people. In addition to this, good domain names are hard to come by these days – the domain was available. The name also ties back into Ignite Portland with the fire metaphor. Fire fire.

How do I get listed on this site?

Take a look at the Participate page.

How do you decide who to include?

The selection process is entirely subjective. Raven started with himself, so that readers could get to know the creator of this site and because he needed an example profile to share with the early participants. After posting his profile, he emailed twenty people he knew in Portland, asking them each to submit a profile and recommend five additional people. This provided a large potential group to start with. Now, Rick looks through all the submissions and recommendations and queues people up for inclusion. This is not a popularity contest nor is it a local social network. In fact, Rick will likely include people he doesn’t know personally sooner rather than later. Please be patient – participants will grow to outpace the daily posts and it may take months for a profile to be posted to the site.

Do you really plan to profile a person every day?

Yes. In a metropolitan area with over one million people, we don’t think profiling people every weekday is going to be a problem. And, really, the onus is on you. You can help us meet this daily goal by participating and recommending others.

Why are you only posting one profile per day?

It’s easier to manage and it focuses the attention on a single person for a bit, which is a good thing. Have you heard of the slow food movement? This is the slow social networking movement.

How do I view the past profiles?

Visit Portland On Fire and use the archive navigation links. I may add an archive page in the future, as the site grows.

Why are comments disabled?

It’s not that type of site. If you want to connect with a person, connect directly via the profile links. Profiles aren’t something we want open to comments.

Do you plan to expand this concept beyond Portland?

It’s certainly under consideration, but that would be a different project with its own site and identity. As we mentioned earlier in the FAQ, Raven was working on this a decade or so ago. The concept applies itself well to other geographies or the whole world. Let’s see how things go for Portland first and I’ll take it from there.

Is this a for-profit effort?

No. Generating revenue is not the purpose of this site. But if we get rich on this scheme, you’ll be the first to know.

Do you need any help?

Spreading the word is always appreciated, as is participating and recommending others.

How do I contact you? If you wish to be profiled on the site, please visit the Participate page instead of emailing us directly as it uses a form to make the process easier for us both. You can use the email address listed here for anything other than a submission. Or simply to spam us.

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