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Adrienne Fritze 11 February 2008

Adrienne Fritze

Mom, artist, social entrepreneur, risk taker, passion monger, creative freak

I have an eclectic background in entrepreneurship with a brief 6 year stint in the corporate world as a Product Manager (internet technologies) and as an Ad Exec with an international advertising agency.

A small sampling of my solo endeavors:
- published a full-color, English-language magazine in Japan portraying the lifestyle of the local community.
- produced a city-wide event in Portland about 13 years ago in 7 venues across the city, over a 30-day period, called the FIRE Festival: Women in Music, Film and the Arts. (Before Sarah McLachlan did her thang).

Here’s how a typical project went for me in those days, using the FIRE Festival as an example:

I woke up with the festival in my head one day, put together the materials I needed to describe it, built the website, released materials over the internet, and began taking submissions by the end of the second week. That was good, because I’d scheduled the event to take place just a mere 90 days from the day I woke up with the idea.

There were over 45 participants from all over the world who submitted their work.

The submissions included films, live performances, literature, readings, CDs, artwork, dance and more.  

I learned a BIG lesson in: teams (I didn’t have a team when the events kicked off); allowing time to build and promote (90 days from concept to completion?!?!?!?); and funding (I had about $200 for the entire thing).

It was a failure from an overall attendance and cash flow perspective, but an incredible success due to the women I met during that time who became life-long friends. Plus the fact that the damn thing ran all 30 days. I am now a working artist (, proud owner of an arts business incubator – Working Artists LLC, and co-owner with Barbara Saunders of the Self Employed Creative Professionals.

I started creating visual art when I was 13, writing at 15, building businesses at 16. My brain operates at full capacity on both sides – I studied Electrical Engineering and Physics, while paying for college by painting murals, working as a designer/typographer/press girl, DJing at the local club and working as a lab assistant.

As an adrenaline junkie I have been a motocross wannabe (trained but never competed), aspiring stunt pilot (2 years flying a T-34 – best damn plane there is for aerobatics training -verrry forgiving), free climber (my favorite climb was Devil’s Tower in Wyoming). Now the fix is gained from my entrepreneurial endeavors.

I’ve grown older, thicker, and more appreciative of my curiosity and willingness to push myself and others beyond that which we think we are capable. Evolution of the human species through the creative arts is my passion, and I am committed that everyone has access to whatever form of creativity leads them to freedom.

Both my children are pursuing the arts as their career focus, and they are the loves of my life.

What are you up to?

Getting the making and appreciating of art back into the day-to-day of our lives, while building ways to support the professional artists and creative folk in ways that matter to their lives.

What are you into?

I love anything to do with the arts, science, astronomy, space flight, films and film making. I adore men, and dig flirting. I like to read. And be outside. And I’m just learning to love running, even in this nasty winter weather.

What do you like most about Portland?

What’s not to love?!? Well, there is that nasty winter weather thing – but beyond that we have the best of man-made and natural worlds. What comes to mind – the bridges, the waterways, sailing, Powell’s, the plentitude of arts stuff, the neighborhoods, having mountains and ocean an hour away, the tram, OHSU, my studios, the industrial areas.

Adrienne, will you come consult with us on how to use the arts to foster and grow creativity and innovation in our business?

Yes! I would be delighted to consult with you! I have developed and led arts-based workshops and presentations that do all that, and more! And I can show you how to include other artists and art forms to achieve even more forward momentum in a variety of areas in your business! Just call me at 503.445.1268 – or drop me an e-mail.

Are you single?

Why yes, I am! What kind of man would attract you? Someone who’s a bit like me (creative, driven to succeed, engaged in society, loving), but can bolster up the areas where I’m weak but would love to learn more, or be more – like being more playful in my day-to-day, or being more physical by going to the tennis court, or hiking through Forest Park. Does age matter? Well, not really, but passion and inquisitiveness do.with those in place, anything is possible.


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