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Andy Van Oostrum 22 February 2008

Andy Van Oostrum

Interactive Marketing Strategist, Fireworks Slinger, Dad, Potter

For the past couple of years, Andy has been a Sales and Strategist over at eROI, an Interactive shop here in Portland.  He has seen the agency double in size, and thinks the best is yet to come.

Andy also owns a Fireworks company back in SW Oklahoma.  He started slinging firecrackers out of his garage at age 12, and has now grown to 20 retail outlets, a wholesale distributorship, and also puts on an assortment of city displays.

In addition to eROI, Andy sits on the Board of Directors for an interactive think tank called  He is trying to get the platform pulled together before July 4, so here is the callout to those with mad development skillz, and a passion for non-partisan political collaboration.

If you went to college, you probably attended one that he did as well:  Oklahoma State, OSU- Kyoto (Kameoka, Japan), Kansai Gaidai University (Hirakata, Japan), UC Berkeley (Focus on telecommunications and High Tech Marketing), George Washington (DC) along with a summer on the hill working for Congressman JC Watts.

What are you up to?

Dang.  The bulk of my life lately has revolved around my son Samson (21 mos.), and preggo wife Molly.  I have also been working on the Oregon150 campaign (the sesquicentennial birthday party for the state).  Most of us that live in Oregon really really love our state, so from a web perspective, it is a matter of how we can drive some consumer generated content, and display that data in a way that reflects our true feelings.

What are you into?

I can’t stop reading the Portland hamburger blog.  At first, I was going to try and keep up with the posts and try all the burgers, but got behind. I came across the food cart blog for the first time today, so might check that out a bit.  I also think the Stephanie Kralevich blog is really quirky.  

I also love to garden, but at the same time, it is a primary cause of stress in my life.  I can be patient with the plants, but have a really high level of design expectation, with no real idea of what I am doing.  Currently, I am hard core ferns, Japanese maples, grass(es) and edible plants if that makes any sense…

What do you like most about Portland?

Bike Paths, MicroBeer, Seasons, Coffee, Seafood, and the Urban Forest in general.  Oh, also Gorf at Ground Kontrol.  Challenge me.

What are some of the trends you are seeing in Interactive Marketing?

In my opinion, I see “communication integration” to be the most challenging hurdle for most marketers over the next few years.

Message Mediums:   email, RSS, SMS, MMS, Calendar, Phone, Face to Face, video, Widgets/Gadgets.

Communication devices:  Inbox, Cell, RSS reader, Desktop Browser, Mobile Browser

Message Types:  Personal, Business, Industry, and hybrid.

Add to that both Social Media and Networking, and you have a mess of a landscape.

What might you have to share, that folks would find interesting?

I drive disposable cars.  I am also a sojourner, and would like to consider myself a global citizen.

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