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Audrey Walker 2 April 2008

Audrey Walker


Audrey Walker was born on June 23rd 1975 in Forest Grove, Oregon. She grew up in the neighborhood of Aloha, Oregon with one younger brother. She attended St. Cecilia Elementary School where she developed her love of acting through her 8th grade teacher. She later went on to graduate from Central Catholic High School in Portland,Oregon.

It wasn’t until the year 2004 that she took her first acting class. She went on her first audition a month into class and landed the role. Since then she has been steadily working as an actress in numerous films as well as television commercials.

She has trained with casting director turned acting coach Laurel Smith, a former student of Sanford Meisner. This is where Audrey developed her Meisner training.

She has also trained with Seth Yanklewitz of Juel Bestrop Casting.

What are you up to?

I just completed shooting a commercial spot for Nintendo.

Currently I am in preproduction on a film titled “Crackin’ the Code” written by local filmmaker Steve Coker.  You check out the website.

What are you into?

In general I’m into being the best person I can to the world. I’m also into sunshine.  Something we don’t see enough of here. I’m into quality time with the family and working on film sets.  I’m into smiling and helping people enjoy life and realize they really can do anything if they want it bad enough.  

I’m also into VooDoo doughnuts.  Mmmm.

What do you like most about Portland?

I really love how green it is.  I love how Portland is about an hour from the beach, about an hour from the mountains, and about an hour…okay maybe a bit more from the dessert.  Incredible.  

There is just so much to see and do here from Pittock Mansion, the OHSU Tram, Trolleys, the Gardens, the Zoo, MAX….

I also love the architecture downtown.  Especially by Skidmore Fountain.  I really think that is a highly underrated area.  The architectural detail is amazing in that area.

Oh…and I love how the majority of the people are nice and down to earth.

I do believe we have the BEST film crew around.

Wow an actress?  That must be really glamorous.

Actually it’s not.  It’s really hard work.  It’s hard to put yourself out there and let people see the many sides to you and not feel embarrassed by it.  It’s pulling out part of your private world and making it public.  Not a lot of people are comfortable with that.  Especially when you have 20-30 people standing around staring at you.  Bright lights shining on you and a camera stuck in front of your face.  It’s quite intimidating.  Yet for me, it’s perfect, I never feel more at home than I do on set.  I love helping bring a story to life and giving people a character they can connect to.  I love taking the audience on a journey.

Is it true that you’re clumsy?

It took me a while but I embrace my clumsiness.  Not a lot of people are brave enough to just embrace it, but there comes a time when you just have to let go and realize it is what it is.  If you know me….you know my intentions are always good and you can enjoy a good laugh with me.

If something is in front of me I will inevitably knock it over.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a person or an object.  If I’m carrying something I will inevitably drop it at one point or another.  If it is a person I will bump you or elbow you…just ask Diane Lane, I bumped her in the eye.  Yup.  That couldn’t have been more “me”.  We did enjoy a good hearted laugh over it though.

What can I say…I dare you to find someone who is clumsier.



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