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Caitlin Jeffery 22 September 2009


Nerd. Mother. Wife. Bibliophile.

Caitlin is first and foremost a mother. For that reason, she is always trying to improve herself and be the best for her daughter. Due to making her college cluster Family studies, Caitlin is interested in how society constructs gender and is trying to find ways to teach her daughter to not let society define how she should act by her sex.

Caitlin loves personality tests, she is an ISFJ according to Myers-Briggs, Type 2: The Giver on the enneagram, and fully lives up to be a Cancer.

She finds it impossible to not be constantly reading something and loves to research the most random things. Her bedroom is filled with books and she has been banned several times from buying anymore, but the existence of Powell’s has made that impossible.

What are you up to?

I am currently working on finding a career and settling into my mid-20′s lifestyle of being a mom and wife.

What are you into?

As already stated, I love to read anything I can get my hands on (you can always find at least one book in my purse). I am addicted to watching TV series on DVD marathon style, especially if the show is made by Joss Whedon. Also I am into my family. I can’t get enough of my daughter and my husband is the best friend I could ask for. Plus we make regular visits to the grandparents.

What do you like most about Portland?

I love how it smells after the rain and how many places you can curl up with a good book. Powell’s makes me incredibly happy. But mostly, I find the city itself comforting because it has been my home my whole life.

Will you ever find a job field that you will actually stick with?

That is what I am trying to do right now!

What is your stance on religion?

I describe myself as an apatheist because I really don’t care how we came to be, where I go when I die, or if there is a higher power out there. I wasn’t raised in a religious/anti-religious household so when bad things happened I turned to my family and friends.

I believe (and this isn’t a one size fits all belief) that religion is there to help people deal with their fears, whether it be of death, the unknown, or whatever. I don’t fear death, and the unknown doesn’t bother me. All I need to get through the day knowing I would do anything for my friends and family and that would do the same for me. I have no control of what happens when I die and what does it matter to me how we came to be since we are here now, but I can make sure I live my life to the fullest.



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