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Channing Dodson 16 March 2008

Channing Dodson

Teacher, musician, character

Is às California a tha Channing Dodson, ach tha e a’ fuireach ann am Portland a-nis. Thòisich e air Gàidhlig ionnsachadh nuair a bha e san ard sgòil. Tha Iapanais, beagan Frangais, agus beagan Gàidhlig na h-Eirinn aige cuideach agus tha e airson bruidhinn Pòrtagaillais. ‘S e tidsear a th’ann agus tha e a’ teasgag Beurla mar dara chànan aig Oilthigh Pacific ‘sa Forest Grove. Tha e ceòladair cuideach agus seinneann e a’ phìob  mhòr, pìob bheag, pìob uilleann, giotar, beus, agus am fhìdeag mhòr.

Channing Dodson originally hails from California, but currently resides in Portland, having also spent time residing in such exotic locales as Japan, Scotland, Ireland, and Tacoma, Washington. He is assistant editor of the book “Curse & Berate in 69+ Languages”, recently published by Soft Skull Press, and is one of the last survivors of the Gobshite Quarterly Empire. To pay the rent, he teaches ESL at Pacific University and he is currently completing an MA in TESOL/applied linguistics at Portland State University. He can occasionally be seen performing Irish traditional music around town on uilleann pipes and flute, but he also thuds out basslines for perspicacious Portland punkers Schizoprestige and occasionally also sits in with sublime technovoyageurs The Unlikely Event. He has also been known to play bagpipes at weddings, funerals, and Chinese bus stations. He speaks Japanese, Scottish Gaelic, atrocious French, a bit of Irish, and he desperately wishes to learn Portuguese so that he can yodel along with Milton Nascimento on his car stereo…

Any Scottish Gaelic speakers living in the area are strongly encouraged to get in touch.

What are you up to?

I’m currently trying to help RV Branham come up with t-shirt designs that will feature tasty tidbits from the “Curse & Berate” book. A series of 69 short films, each 69 seconds in length, is also in the works.

What are you into?

-Indian vegitarian cooking
-Documentary linguistics
-Bossa Nova
-artsy films
-Irish traditional music
-Japanese language and literature
-All Over Coffee
-Natto and other fermented soybean disasters

What do you like most about Portland?

I like the tight-knit sense of community that has grown all too rare in many American cities, but still seems to be clinging on in certain parts of town. I’m inspired by the massive amount of music, literature, and film produced here…And it’s made for walkin’.

What would you like to contribute to cultural activities in Portland?

I’d like to promote literature/comics/poems/profanity in foreign languages through the auspices of the Gobshite/Curse & Berate projects.  If I can convince some people to listen to quality Irish traditional music and use a semicolon correctly, so much the better.

What are your favorite songs to sing at karaoke?

-”Sex Machine” (James Brown)
-”God Save The Queen” (Sex Pistols)
-”Bizarre Love Triangle” (New Order)
-”This Charming Man” (The Smiths)
-”Lovefool” (The Cardigans)
-”My Love” (Paul McCartney)


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