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Chris McCraw 23 February 2008

Chris McCraw

Lover, geek, bike-funnist, participant, joy facilitator

This fool is just a guy who likes stuff.  He’s a sometime geek, luddite, artist, idiot savant, philanthropist, clown, idealist, author, amnesiac, endurance racer, student, teacher, artist, lover, and custom paper writing service participant. He tries not to be a consumer, observer, reactionary, rageaholic, obsessive-compulsive, liar, hater, or annoyance. One usually finds him happy and busy and interested.

He believes.  He believes in love, and in doing what you believe in. He believes that anything is possible. He believe a lot of things, but knows few; He is forever curious about the many missing pieces of his understanding of the world.

He doesn’t really live in his head all the time, but he does enjoy it there. It’s cozy and cluttered, comfortable and interesting. Of course, without the world full of amazing people and exciting occurrences, it would not be the well-decorated and lush place it is now, nor would the forward momentum of a life lived actively be maintained.

He is an amateur anthropologist and sociologist and yet still has no idea why people act the way they do, but likes thinking about it and participating in the extended social experiment that is cultural immersion–bike culture, gift culture, unapologetic earth citizen.

His personality doesn’t fit well in his head, much less in this box..but he’s never been one to let details like that get in his way.

He moved to Portland from Austin, TX (Portland of the South!) in October 2007 to find himself, see if the grass was greener on the other side, and shake up the status quo a little bit.  Success!

What are you up to?

I’m not trying to save the world so much as I’m trying not to actively destroy it.  I’m trying to make a place in this world where everything can be freaking wonderful instead of merely acceptable.  I’m trying small actions that embody big ideas in pursuit of these goals.  And I’m trying to stay engaged and interested in the myriad wonderments that I keep stumbling into.

What are you into?

I’m into deep & meaningful connections, long walks in the moonlit forest, technology that works, leaving it all behind, buying the good shit, making love-not work, and increasing the happiness quotient in our world.  I’m also very into cooking & surprises, though not always at the same time.

What do you like most about Portland?

Portland called out to me for a lot of reasons, the same reasons I loved my 12-year hometown of Austin,TX.  It was rumored to be bikey, liberal, sustainable, friendly, and outdoorsy.  The thing is that it trumps Austin in all of those categories:  It’s more, it’s better, it’s hardcore-r, and it’s for real.  And if I melt when I step out the door, it’s because the sky is falling, not because I’m stewing in my own juices due to the heat.

What is your one purpose in life?

To explode, of course!  But not in a pyrotechnic way–that’s a spectator sport.  More in the style of the world exploding into love, or my nipples exploding with delight.  Work isn’t life, but I want work to be meaningful, useful, and maybe help someone who’s changing the world in a positive way.  I am a Unix wrangler, and look for opportunities to use that skill in challenging environments to benefit causes more or less in line with my own.

What keeps you up at night?

It isn’t fortune, fame, or worry.  It isn’t sex, drugs, or rock and roll.  It’s finding another reason to be happy I’m alive and try to share that joy.  On a bike, in a book, through the internet, across the country.  Joy is a renewable resource and it’s free to make more.  So I keep dreaming up new ways. Join me =)


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