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Craig Schwartz 11 January 2008

Craig Schwartz

Entrepreneur, raconteur, agent provocateur, bon-vivant, gadfly, sapient primate

Craig likes falling. He fell into the Web industry in 1995 while looking for a career, and fell into the video-game industry after the web imploded.  But, in between the two, Craig fell in love with Portland. He moved here in early 2002, but was pulled away just eighteen short months later by video-game publisher Electronic Arts, where he worked in the Online division and on The Sims, Sim City and Spore video-game franchises.

In late 2006, Craig left EA so he could move back to Portland and start a business with friend and coder, Seth Ladyo. The two were interested in exploring new forms of blogging. They were concerned with the sheer volume of blogs and comics and other web materials they were wading through each day. They noticed that the comics were much easier to get through than the blogs, and reasoned that if they could build tools to let anyone quickly create their own webcomics, it would be a good thing for everyone involved. Thus, Toonlet was born. Craig hasn’t been out much since.

What are you up to?


Toonlet is a free online service that lets anyone create their own webcomic in just minutes, starring characters of their own creation.

First, create a character and their many moods in our character tool, and repeat as necessary. Next, move to our strip tool and place your characters in a strip. Then, click the “Make Comic” button when you’re done. That’s it! You’re now a published webcomic creator!

What are you into?

Well, the internet, video-games, and comics all seem like likely candidates, based on my profile so far.

I’ve also gotten pretty into walking up and down Alberta St, although I suspect my fondness for this activity is related to how it often coincides with mealtime.

What do you like most about Portland?

I’ve gotta rank those long summer days as right up there. They seem pretty distant right now, in Winter 2008, but Portland’s also full of wonderful people, and that seems to be a permanent fixture!

What’s the status of Toonlet?

We consider ourselves “live-but-not-launched”. Basically, anyone can join and use the site. The tools are simple and fun. But we also could stand to splash a coat of paint on the site (we don’t have a designer yet) and make a few other changes before we come up from the ‘underground’ and officially launch.

Is brevity the height of wit?



Email, My Toonlet Comics, Facebook, LinkedIn

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