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Danea Horn 29 September 2009


Positive, Motivated, Grateful, Inquisitive, Speaker

Danea was born into an incredible healing journey. Her life started with a diagnosis of VATER Association, a complex of birth disorders affecting 6 vital systems in the body. Over the first two years of her life, she endured 10 operations to put things back in working order. Since then, she has been in and out of the medical system to monitor and correct the lasting affects of VATER. Danea knows how to overcome challenge and for that she is grateful.

Her parents blessed her with a positive outlook that gave her experiences purpose. She chose to embrace her health and out of that she has opened herself up to her true passion: inspiring others to see their life experiences as conscious choices.

In 2008, she started, a resource for making positive change through affirmations. Danea knows how vitally important self talk is. She sees life form around the stories people tell themselves all day long. By shifting the tone and message to a more optimistic, conscious viewpoint, life becomes miraculous.

Danea has a degree in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Redlands. She is blissfully married, affirmation manifested, and lives in the forest of SW Portland with her two terrier mutts: Abbey and Emma.

What are you up to?

I am taking my website,, out into the community through personal presentations. I think that it is our experiences that connect us and lend insight into how to live a more fulfilled life. I am also making a valiant effort to learn how to meditate, a desire that I have has for quite a while now.

What are you into?

I am into personal development. The human mind is fascinating. I have just finished reading the The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart and was enthralled by all of the scientific experiments that have been performed around the world to discover the ability of conscious thought to impact reality.

I also love to cook. I have been vegetarian for 2 years and have had a great time recreating my favorite meat based dishes. My latest was an imitation tuna sandwich using tofu, celery, onion and kelp powder, delicious, craving satisfied.

What do you like most about Portland?

I am grateful all of the time. I love driving around and soaking in all of the gorgeousness that is Portland. It is thrilling that nature is such a big aspect of every day life. You don’t have to drive far, or drive at all, to be surrounded by beauty. I also cherish the change of the seasons. As I write this, it is mid-September, just on the edge of fall. The morning has a crispness to it and the day finishes with a warm glow. We went berry picking a few times this summer and played in the snow last winter, awesome, just awesome.

What is the focus of your motivational presentations?

Choice. Each moment we have a choice. We can choose how we see life. We can choose the stories we tell ourselves. We can choose the reality we find ourselves in. We are not at the mercy of life. Through becoming conscious and decisive about the choices we make, we shape our future. This does not mean that the choice is always easy. When I found out that I would not be able to carry a pregnancy as a result of VATER, it was a difficult choice to embrace that as my reality. However, by doing so, I opened up a passion within my marriage for adoption. A passion we did not even know was there and probably would have not discovered on our own. Through my passion for adoption, I began serving on the Board of the Kinship House,, a local non-profit organization committed to the mental health of children in all stages of foster care and adoption. The key was consciously choosing the reality I found myself in. I think that is a message worth sharing.

What do you do when no one is watching?

Dance. I love my current home because it has three mirrored closets forming a quasi dance studio in my bathroom. I like to put on revival performances there from my days as dancer in high school. I also put on a mini production of the Nutcracker each December for my own personal enjoyment and the laughter of my husband, when he catches me.


Creative Affirmations
danea at creativeaffirmations dot com

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