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Dave Allen 5 March 2008

Dave Allen

Blogger, disruptor, musician, iconoclast and online evangelist for Nemo Design

Dave Allen is an iconoclast who is over the status quo. He can be found sniffing around the confluence of the internet, music, branding, marketing and social networking arenas. He is a founding member and bass player for the post-punk band Gang of Four who are currently in the midst of a completely unexpected reunion. His fast-growing blog,, is the place to go to gain insight into his thinking about how the music industry has been derailed by the internet and why he believes in the “feels free” idea of music delivery. He is a strong proponent of the Long Tail theory.

Recently he took the position of Director, Insights & Digital Media for the Portland-based branding and interactive agency Nemo Design where he works on the company’s forward thinking strategies especially in the areas of planning, radical transparency and Web 2.0. He works closely with Nemo Design’s Interactive team worrying about Electronic Mass Communications. He has determined that we all now have our 15 minutes of fame elongated over the Long Tail. He gets to think about that.

His past career includes being an integral part of the team that built back in the late 90′s. It was a fun rollercoaster ride destroyed only by Napster but then you can’t compete with free…. It was where he fully embraced the idea of the online distribution of music. He then spent two years at Intel honing his thoughts and ideas before leaving and founding Pampelmoose. He is regularly invited to appear on and moderate panels at conferences such as South by Southwest, CMJ, Webvisions, Future of Music Coalition and many more. He believes that music will eventually be the commodity that feels free. He has lived in Portland, Oregon since 2000.

What are you up to?

I am trying to get musicians to give away their music in the knowledge that by doing so they will sell more music. I am also experimenting with Facebook Pages and Groups as I’m inclined to think that the job listings companies such as Monster, Krop and Linked In shouldn’t be charging for a job posting when we can essentially all be connected through social networking. I run Nemo Design’s Facebook Group and I posted an open position there. We’ll see how it goes but so far the results are encouraging. Disruption in action.

Otherwise I’m up to about 5 ft 9 inches….

What are you into?

Writing and thinking mostly. Food and fine wine – My third place is defined by my two favorite restaurants, Tabla in NE and Alba Osteria in SW; it is not defined by Starbucks. Architecture is on my mind these days as I want to build a guest house/studio in my back yard so I’m looking into Rocio Romero’s LV Series of prefabricated modern kit homes. How about that Oscar© for Daniel Day Lewis? And Sassy’s down the road from the Nemo Design building has its charms.

What do you like most about Portland?

Everything except the suburbs – oh and the Doug Fir because it attracts those suburbanites who think the Doug Fir is the place to be – I’ve had to stop going. Of course now that Bay 13 has opened in the Pearl and Grand Central Lanes opened on SE Morrison their trifecta is complete. I also have a problem with those fixies or fixed wheel bikes too as that seems to be an unseemly way to die.

Who else do you know that gets paid to blog?

Perez Hilton.

Why did you never marry Cate Blanchett?

I never found the time.


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