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Hideshi Hamaguchi 19 January 2008

Hideshi Hamaguchi

Concept creator, strategist + designer who cannot draw pictures

Hideshi Hamaguchi, COO of LUNARR, has been known on both sides of the Pacific as one of the leading minds in creative concept + strategy building and decision management.  A self-proclaimed “diagram lover”, he draws to help companies develop creative concept and strategy. He led more than one hundred projects, from corporate vision to the product strategy or manufacturing process levels for many companies.

Before starting up LUNARR, Hideshi was Director of New Business Planning Group, Matsushita Electric Works (known for their Panasonic and National brands) in Japan, and Executive Vice President of Panasonic Electric Works Laboratory of America, Inc (R&D company in US). Also, From 1998 to 2000, he served as a strategist at Ziba Design in Portland, which gave him the opportunity to consult with its clients and help them develop new products and services.

was born in Osaka, Japan,
majored in “Physical Chemistry” at Kyoto University,
likes “Business Chemistry”
loves “Human Chemistry”
and has been living in Beaverton / Portland for eight years, so he is “10% Oregonian -not concentrated-” so far (if he will live up to the age of eighty).

What are you up to?

I am up to my new venture, LUNARR.

Yes, I am an Experienced Toddler (ET).

I started LUNARR with my business partner in 2006, after a series of business journeys at large powerful corporations and also at creative agile firms. So I am a toddler among the entrepreneurs, but have extreme experience in business.
I am enjoying the feeling that I am standing with my own feet, now.

What are you into?

Reduce, Reuse, Refine, Redefine, Reimagine, and Reinvent.

My daily life is tilting toward the left hand side, but my mind loves the right hand side.

I think “less is more” and “zero is unlimited”, but at the same time, “creating something unique and new” is my obsession.

Yes, I love creating things that (1) we have never seen before, (2) are doable and feasible, and (3) generate controversy in the business + of course making it happen is my hobby.

What do you like most about Portland?

- Rain, Shower, Mist, which covers Portland one third of the year.
- Human Chemistry, which covers Portland half of the year. (in daytime)
- Serendipity, which covers Portland all of the year.

I like something that covers the all thing constantly without anyone’s permission.

Serendipity requires three essential elements:

(1) Prepared minds, (2) the bucket for those minds w/ the appropriate size, and (3) some catalyst to start the reaction.

Portland has them all.

I am sure more and more interesting things will happen here. But we have to be careful so that we should not lose any single element.

Could you describe your secret process to come up with unique concept / strategies for variety of businesses?

Step 1: Get  information – as minimal as possible
Step 2: Draw and play with lots of diagrams
Step 3: Touch, think, talk, and thank.
Step 4: Take a walk
Step 5: Shake head, squash hair, hit the wall
Step 6: Take a shower
Step 7: Enjoy the moment of “what if…!?” and “a-ha!”

The key is;
Keeping the think-mode at “Structures Chaos” and using both right brain [ intuition ] and left brain [ logic ].

What if you had to add one personal law to the “Three laws of Robotics” (by Isaac Asimov)?  What is law number four?

Law 1:  A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
Law 2:  A robot must obey orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
Law 3:  A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

Law 4:  A Robot must not “google” me to determine my characteristics / personality and must meet and know me “in person,” as long as that meeting does not conflict with the First, Second, and Third Law.


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