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Jadene Mayla 13 February 2008

Jadene Mayla

Plant-lover, artist, zombie movie fan, ecstatic dancer, and writer

Jadene was born to hippie parents on Richardson Bay in Sausalito, California, in 1974.  She loves zombies because the entire concept is a total freak out and much more fun than politics.  She lived in a storage crate in the jungles of Maui in 1989 for six months, where she learned to hold her breath under water and was once caught in a mango rain shower.  She later replaced fishing with frog and salamander catching in the hills of Southern Oregon.  In Corvallis she met and lost her true love and went on long bicycle rides to Tyee Winery and Starker Arts Park to get over it.  She went on to study poetry and yoga in New Mexico while eating copious amounts of fresh green chili pancakes and burritos before earning a bachelor’s degree in writing from Oregon State University in 1999.  She went on to earn a post-bac in Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon in 2005.  She has worked as a Permaculture and landscape designer in Oregon since 2005 and is currently expanding her business to serve clients on a national level.   Her website is EcoLogic.  
She has also done Feng Shui consultations since 2001 and has shown artwork locally since 2005.  Recent Portland shows include pieces at Watershed and Launchpad Galleries, as well as collections at Floyd’s Coffee and New Seasons.  On-going projects include ‘Microgeomorphology’ a photographic experience from a tiny perspective.

Jadene recently discovered ecstatic dance and is finally working out those kinks on Sundays.  Burning Man ( has been another favorite since 2004, and somehow she spends a good deal of time on getting to know interesting people and posting blogs.  The Oregon Country Fair is another favorite place of hers, although she still doesn’t belong to a camp after fifteen years of attendance and is a little miffed about it.  She took up poi in 2006 and doesn’t practice enough but knows several basic moves.  The heat, light, and sound of fire balls flying past her face is one of the nicest things, she thinks.  In 2007, she was asked to serve on the board of the American Center for Sustainability as Vice President.  In 2008, she began modeling in runway shows and for local photographers and designers.

Andrew is a cat who sleeps off his annoyance with Jadene for preferring her PC to playing.  Jadene would like to add fashion design to her skills and get an RV.  She is addicted to Lost and sucks at Centipede.  She has a younger brother, mother, and father in Southern Oregon.  

What are you up to?

I am currently working with my mother on renovating my website.  I will be able to serve clients on a national basis when revisions to the site are complete.  I also just completed the application process for certification as an ecological business with the City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services.  I’m really excited about being recognized for being an organic and sustainable business in the Portland community.

What are you into?

I really like to take pictures, dance, and dream.  I am addicted to movies, my favorite so far being the somewhat obscure ‘Instinct‘ due to its portrayal of animal-human connectivity. I love hiking and drawing and have started painting again recently.  I also like making costumes and clothes when I have the time or a party to dress up for.  My main passion is for the environment.  I believe in the sentience of other species.  I often daydream that space is full of plant seeds and water.  

What do you like most about Portland?

Portland is actually the largest city I’ve ever lived in.  I like being anonymous most of the time.  I’m a fan of Burner parties, brunch, coffee shops, and obscure bars.

How can Permaculture offer clients a self-sufficient lifestyle while reducing their expenses, increasing the value of their property, and strengthening the local ecosystem by providing for beneficial native wildlife?

Permaculture sets up a permanent agricultural system that is self-sufficient once established.  Inputs are low and yields are high.  Native wildlife receives consideration for its inherent value as well as the ecosystem services it can provide to humans.  Landscape design also adds 15% to the value of a property.  Eco-Logic Permaculture & Landscape Design is therefore a highly effective way for people to cooperate with natural resources for mutual benefit.

What kinds of community service work do you engage in?

I am Vice President of the American Center for Sustainability.  My project partnership extends free professional design and installation services to marginalized families so that Permaculture gardens may feed impoverished communities and bring people closer together around local food.  Additionally, I donate the first 10% of my profits to fund this project.  I have donated design services and personal time to Buckman School Gardens, creating the Native Plant Garden to showcase Pacific Northwest native plants and involve children in gardening.


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