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Jeremy Tucker 25 March 2008

Jeremy Tucker

Painter, installationist, sculptor, gallery owner/curator, writer, project organizer, consultant

Jeremy Tucker was born in Southern California, and as a small child he lived in Germany for four years. After traveling the U.S. his family settled in North Texas where he went to school to study fine arts and psychology. Jeremy’s main focus was painting and sculpture, after four years he switched to animation for two years, then back to painting. He had attained several awards for painting, drawing, and animation while attending college which fueled his ambition as an artists to look at art as a depth of the conscious construct, and to approach not only his own art this way, but also to search out other artists within this doctrine.

During the last year of college in 1997 Jeremy began having shows outside of the college exhibitions in Dallas. The gallery shows had not only inspired the exhibitionist in him, but also ideas of curating as an art form. When he moved to Portland Oregon in 2001 Jeremy settled in and set up his studio, and started scouting the art scene. Jeremy had found found a great gallerist, for whom he had acquired a deep respect for both process and presentation. In 2004 he began working for his gallery, the Mark Woolley Gallery. Jeremy had asked Mark to take him on as a student, and he began to instruct Jeremy in the ways of gallery operations. By mid-2005 Jeremy began his own gallery, the Rake Art Gallery, and now along with producing his own art, and work for the Mark Woolley gallery he also run the Rake Art Gallery.

One important aspect of being an artist in Portland is to remember the community to which one belongs. Rake as well as Mark Woolley strive to involve our selves and our artists in giving back to the community through art donations for health and service based organizations such as Cascade Aids Project, project Quest, Brain surgery of Oregon and others.

What are you up to?

I am constantly constructing shows, placing artists in restaurants around town, and evolving the ideas of how a gallery participates in its community. Currently one of the projects we have is the Academy project, where we have three to four students from and arts academy come to the gallery every Saturday for the winter spring semester, and we take them to meet professional artists that they then interview on concept, process, and materials. We help them develop a conceptual body of work, to construct an artist statement based on this work and then run them through the process of having a show for two weeks at the end of their semester with us.

We are also currently setting up both adult and student art classes at our facility.

What are you into?

I am into the development of the consciousness for higher possibilities to social change. Im into sight, sound, smell, taste as the conduits to unlocking the doors of the deeper self. I’m into the emotions of existence, to the experience of life, and the documentation of this transitory state.

What do you like most about Portland?

What I like most about Portland is that if you are not afraid to work hard for your dream, opportunities to for those dreams realization make themselves apparent. This city offers something unique in its energy, its people and its desire not to be rushed. What do I like about Portland, I would have to say it is that I have fallen in love with life,  the pace is fast but it also gives you time to slow down with out losing touch.

What does the future hold?

I am not sure what the future holds, but I know that with every change there is but another opportunity to grow. It is with great optimism that these experience have guided my life and its direction is that of never failing. How does one maintain this ideology, well through strength of being. Maybe its the Apache blood, or the Polish that courses through my veins.

What is art?

I am sure that art is the language we use when words are not enough, they are signs, symbols, and markers that tell of experience, ponder, question, and express the mind, heart and soul. Art can help us transcend, or rebel, understand, or stand in absolute confusion. Art can touch a soul or repulse every fiber of your being. Art can put you in touch with Angels or awaken demons. It can be profound or simply mundane. Art is..what it is… a recording and a transmission of a perception.


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