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Joel Burslem 31 January 2008

Joel Burslem

Founder of the Future of Real Estate Marketing blog

Joel Burslem is the Social Media Manager at Inman News – a job that meshes nicely with his other role as founder of the Future of Real Estate Marketing, a blog he started to his record his musings on the impact of social media, technology and Web 2.0 on real estate and real estate marketing.

Named one of the Top 25 Most Influential Real Estate bloggers of 2007, Joel regularly speaks about technology and real estate marketing to audiences across the nation and he is frequently called upon to comment on these subjects by mainstream media like New York Times, BusinessWeek, International Herald Tribune, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe and the Wall Street Journal.

Joel is communications professional with over 10 years of experience in consumer marketing, public relations, crisis communications and Internet marketing.

Throughout his career, he has worked in government, rode the boom (and bust), slogged it out as a PR flack as well as running his own independent communications consultancy.

A veteran world traveler, Joel settled in Portland after stints abroad in Northeast Asia and Europe. He holds a BA in Political Science from the University of British Columbia.

What are you up to?

Busy times these days! The spotlight is on the real estate industry like never before. Agents, brokers are looking to technology to help them through a rough period. VCs and technologists are still looking at the space as a huge opportunity despite the pain right now. Consumers are demanding greater access to information and more transparency. Perfect for a Web 2.0 world.

What are you into?

Beer. Kinda comes with the territory living in Portland. I enjoy making (and drinking) my own and sampling the very best from the many fine breweries in this city. Weekends in the winter, it’s boarding up on Hood or hikes in the Gorge with my wife and dog. Summer time, it’s all about riding my motorcycle (Yamaha FZ-1) far and fast.

What do you like most about Portland?

The climate, honestly. I’m a Northwest guy (born in Vancouver, Canada) – and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Love the laid back feel to the place, people are rarely in a rush.

Most of all – all the green. I love breaking the cloud layer over PDX when I’m coming back from a business trip and looking out the window and seeing so much green.

What’s the question you most often get asked about real estate?

Definitely “How’s the market doing?” – and while I’m no economist, my pat response is “Not so hot”. Portland’s better off than most places, but the underlying macro conditions are pretty scary. I’d be prepared to weather it for another 12-18 months.

What’s your favorite place for a pint?

Unquestionably, The Horse Brass Pub on Belmont. Best atmosphere (if you can stand the smoke) and best selection.


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