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Joshua Seaman 20 March 2008

Joshua Seaman

Jack of all trades, master of none

Joshua Seaman was born in the Irvington neighborhood in NE Portland, and currently lives 3 blocks away from the house he was born in (and where his parents still live).  Yes, he has gone far ;)  But despite this relatively minute journey in dwelling, he has in fact taken the long detour to get those 3 blocks.  In the last decade, Joshua has lived in Cuernavaca – Mexico, Vancouver – Canada, Florence – Italy, and Aurillac aka. “le trou de cul du monde” – Central France where he taught English, but he always seems to return to Portland.  Consequently he is now fluent in Spanish and French, and much to the offense of people in the boot, claims that Spanish and Italian are just different dialects of the same language.  After finishing a degree in Linguistics (and no, it has nothing to do with how many languages you speak) Joshua now works in the completely unrelated field of freelance photography / web design.  Voilà, his portfolio:

What are you up to?

I’m currently trying to focus on actually recording and producing the oh so many songs that I’ve started but haven’t finished.  Oh, and I’m also trying to learn to throat sing, and can be found regularly practicing overtone singing in the sauna at my yoga studio.

What are you into?

-Talking to cats, plants, and instruments in French
-Composing and writing songs
-Screaming at NBA refs through the TV set about their ocular deficiencies
-Writing ecstatic poetry, or odes to the spider above my bed
-Collecting interesting instruments from different countries, and jamming with them
-Finding bingos in Scrabulous / Scrabble
-Moving plants
-Reading way too much about politics
-The Daily Show
-Ma p’tite niece, Bijou (elle est trop mignone :)

What do you like most about Portland?

I love Portland because of it’s energy.  It’s a city right in the middle of a rain forrest, and I love the liquid sunshine.  It’s big enough to have things to do, but small enough that there is a strong sense of community.  And I’m deeply rooted in the community around me, and it supports me and sustains me.

How can I do light painting photography?

You need three things:

1) Darkness
2) Slow shutter speed
3) Lights to paint with

Light Painting – The Real Deal

You seem to be good at many things, but why are you not great at any of them?

Good question, and I’m glad you asked it.  I guess it comes down to self-discipline and not being committed enough to go truly deep into any one discipline.  That, and I get easily spread out by my interest in other areas, especially ones that I discover I have a knack for.  

Right now, I have projects in photography, web design, music production / composing / engineering / writing, painting, singing, poetry, etc., and because I’m doing all of these, my focus is spread thin.  So instead of being great at doing one thing, I’m settling for being okay at many things.  I wonder if I can’t change that…


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