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Kevin Wilson 11 March 2008

Kevin Wilson

Writer, Comedian, Humorist

Kevin Wilson chose those words you just read because he’s still an amateur but understands his focus: comedy. He’s still in the process of figuring out exactly what kind and method he’s going to be working in. The rest of this bio will only partially be a lie.

Kevin Wilson is waterproof and immune to jealousy. He was born in Michigan and toiled in their school mines for twenty five years. Every day he beat a pick axe against the walls in hopes of finding term papers, all-nighter design projects, and paper clips to be used as fuel for Michigan’s world famous nightmare machine. After doing enough digging his illustrious masters at the Central Michigan University mine branded him with the mark of a graphic designer. Then they told him that there was no way he could find a job as a designer in Michigan. Thankfully he had been spending his time learning how to fix computers for rich people on the side, so he got a job doing that.

Welcome to the third paragraph about Kevin. After realizing that Michigan was slowly being dragged into the seas he fled the infamous Iron Mitt for Portland. He escaped with just a toothbrush, a piece of flint (MI), and his life. Now he spends most of his mornings crashing through windows in Portland and doing technical support.

What is more important is that he’s working on his writing. He hopes at some point to be able to focus entirely on his writing. To make himself sound very skilled he mention that he wrote for the popular comedy website for two years as well as a head writer for a sketch show A-OK. Please don’t ask him about any of it if you run into him or he’ll go on forever about it. This one time he did it and made this face like he was all cool but it was just annoying.

What are you up to?

Sorry about that, I’ll be serious now. I’m working on a book. I’m fifty thousand words in on the third draft and about two thirds of the way through it. The ideas were really easy to come up with. The actual writing of the book is like bashing your head on a keyboard until the blood forms a good sentence. It’s not so much an infinite amount of monkeys in a room kind of thing, it’s more of an infinite amount of Shakespeare’s in a room recreating the works of a monkey. I hope to have it done in a couple months.

Currently I’m doing a bit of reading for the d’Merde Salon over on Steele and 65th. It’s a very nice place, full of talented people. It’s a fun event to do humor as most people are not really expecting it. It’s sort of like catching people in a party and telling them a joke. Feels like the laughs are a
bit more honest, I guess.

As of today I’m also considering doing a bit of stand up once I get some decent material together. As the kind of humor I seem to be good at mostly stories I have to do a bit of writing, reading it out loud, repeating it to myself a thousand times before I can sleep, then repeat.

What are you into?

Bottom line creepiest answer: I’m into comedy and children’s books. Right now I’m reading Peter Pan while watching Matt Braunger videos. Sounds like the beginning to a crime novel so let me explain.

While I’ve been working on my book people tell me I need to read this and that. For a while I picked up every book someone suggested to me. Without fail, any book that’s described as adult fiction bores the hell out of me. There’s a certain lack of creativity coupled along with this incredibly stifled style that seems like I should be reading the book to hold it up on the bus instead of enjoying it. Of course there are exceptions, but recently I’m sticking to children’s books until I finish my own. Reading J. M. Barrie is a bit of a trip. The guy was a genius. Before you even get into the bit with Peter Pan he had this magnificent world built up where magic existed outside of Neverland’s threshold. Typically you have thresholds, like Alice’s mirror or Dorothy’s tornado, in order to make the grumpy pragmatists feel safer that people’s heads aren’t filled with delusions like dreams and imagination. It’s fun to read something outside of that when you’re struggling.

What do you like most about Portland?

The strange diversity you get from neighborhood to neighborhood. People like to make jokes about Portland’s lack of diversity but I really don’t see it. Walking five blocks is exactly like traveling state lines. The food is just a symptom of this. I can pick up a samosa at Kalga Kafe and a vegan donut in the same day. People are also very, very supportive here. It’s a nice, safe place to clear your mind if you ever get creatively exhausted.

Why comedy?

I think comedy is quickly being realized as a helpful method in transferring concepts and ideas than the ways people used to. A funny story told to you at a certain point in your life can impact you with some powerful concepts if told right. If you pay attention you can notice the impact of George Carlin, David Cross, and John Stewart all around you right now. It’s also very hard to hide your personality when you’re being funny and equally hard to hide it when you laugh. I like the honesty found in both. These days I think simple numbers don’t do it for people anymore and they want to know who you are instead of what you pretend to be. They want to read your thoughts and know a bit more about the people they come to respect instead of just straight consuming. You would be amazed at the amount of times I’ve heard people’s personality brought up in a discussion of music, art, and politics. I like having to be honest and clever at the same time.

What are you going to do next?

Well, I got a bit burnt out on comedy in 2007 because I just had too much stuff coming at me and barely any direction. During those times you tend to sort of lose yourself in the soup. My sister lives in Portland finishing her degree so I decided it would be beneficial for everybody if I imposed my will on her. That is, I moved over here. It’s been almost a year and I think I’ve gotten the majority of my atoms back together. From here I have no clue what will happen. I’m sure it will be interesting.


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