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Lynne Joy Nesbit 27 January 2008

Lynne Joy Nesbit

Relentlessly curious, business owner, artist, psychotherapist, mother, feminist, believer

I am a starter of projects that change lives… In the early ’80s, (then Lieutenant) Tom Potter gave me the green light to turn a simple community education project on sexual assault into a volunteer based self defense program for women and girls; WomenStrength, the first of its kind. In the mid ’80′s, I began a non-profit agency, “Community Advocates,” which brought meaningful abuse prevention education to kids (who learned they have the right to be safe, strong and free), to families, schools and teachers. ┬áIn 1990, encouraged by my dearest friend’s faith in me, I returned to finish a bachelor’s degree (23 years in the making!) and a graduate degree in counseling. I began an agency, Wise Counsel & Comfort, designed to encourage young counselors to take the risk to begin private practice, on the condition that they offer their services at rates folks can afford.

This is one of my primary passions – to connect gifted young professionals with the thousands upon thousands in our community who need affordable therapy.

I’m on staff, part-time, at Providence Portland Medical Center in the intensive outpatient mental health programs. It’s a privilege, and a pleasure to work with such devoted professionals.

I live in NE PDX with my beloved, Roger. My greatest gifts to the world are my two sons, and their gifts are… well, that’s another profile or two. I am a follower of Baha’u'llah, a devoted grandmother, an artist… I’m so delighted to say it out loud!

What are you up to?

Weekly, taking performance art classes at “Brooklyn Bay,”; Daily, connecting seekers of counseling with gifted therapists; Nearly every day, working on my stained glass (which you can see in the window on SW Jefferson just below 1st Avenue). Saturday mornings, half the year, searching garage sales for sweet finds for home or offices.

What are you into?

Into everything, working, sometimes too hard. (Though I took time off to splurge on my first professional haircut in nearly 10 years just last week!) Time away – at least twice a year, a week at the beach with family and loved ones… including Glen, my danish bachelor farmer cousin.

What do you like most about Portland?

In January 1936, my parents honeymooned here, drove the Ford back to the family farm in Minnesota, packed up, and moved to Portland, despite their parent’s expectations that they would work the farm, just like the generations before. I’m grateful for their courage, and I’m always happy coming home from a trip, circling down to land at PDX – this is my lovely home.

How can you do that… listen to people’s chaos and conflicts and fears day after day?

This work is unbelievably rewarding. I have the privilege of being trusted and welcomed into the center of my client’s lives. I can’t imagine anything more sacred.

What’s a mess in your life?

My beloveds will tell you, I’m messy. Since I was tiny, it’s been my ‘other side.’ My son once described the inside of my ’73 Tercel “a river of trash.” But now, in my 50′s, it’s a little better.

I’m just grateful that in terms of virtues, ‘tidy’ doesn’t rate up there with loving, creative, curious, and determined.


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