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Madeline Bailey 23 March 2008

Madeline Bailey

Author of “Radical Accounting”

Madeline Bailey’s family was brillant intellectually but had a negative emotional IQ. She is totally grateful for the world class education she received, and grateful to get out of there and use that education to bring peace to the world.

She got into technology at the beginning of PC’s. Madeline coded an accounting software program, similar to Peachtree. Peachtree won out due to management, which was a lesson to her in business success.

Her biggest software project was developing what has turned out to be the world’s leading cancer research software. She hit the glass ceiling in the corporate world. It was bloody.

Madeline’s husband started a software publishing company. She became the managing partner. Peachtree was overkill so she was doing the accounting manually. It was a nightmare. Eventually Madeline discovered QuickBooks, which was light years better. During that time she wrote and published a local best-seller on how to find a job. She was getting a lot of phone calls for advice on being a successful woman entrepreneur, media interviews, etc. Meanwhile, her software became obsolete, her husband took a job, and she had to figure out her next career move.

Madeline prayed for guidance. Her guidance was to become a consultant and help small business become more profitable. Money is important. Small businesses create the most jobs in this country…even if you’re a “business of one” and the job you’re creating is your own.

What are you up to?

I’m a private accountant for successful small business owners.

Most of us don’t know the power of accounting. Accounting makes you more money than it costs you.  It’s one thing that makes the rich richer.

To level the playing field, I wrote a book that walks someone through the process I’ve used to teach hundreds of successful clients accounting. It’s not how accounting is taught in school or any other book. I’m pioneering a new way to learn accounting that totally works!  

I totally believe this is how entrepreneurial accounting will be taught in the future, although at the rate I’m going now, I’ll be like the guy who created Lotus 123. Even though he changed the face of technology, no one knows who he is, and he was just paid a salary. Note to aspiring authors: I have yet to break even.

What are you into?

Marketing the book. So far it’s sold online and locally at New Renaissance Bookstore and some public libraries. It’s a grassroots thing. People can ask their local library and bookstores to carry it. So far every library has said yes, and bookstores will soon follow.

What do you like most about Portland?

Plants. My boyfriend became my boyfriend because I helped him with a charity garden and then he helped me with a landscaping project at Merlo High School in Beaverton.  

He lives on an acre. Last year i grew lavender, rosemary, mint, and onions. We had blackberries so I made freezer blackberry jam. The year before we had cherries and I made this awesome cherry tart with almond marzipan. When the lilac tree bloomed, my place smelled and looked fabulous for a week.

My favorite tourist attraction is the Japanese garden.

What is your professional dream?

To educate, empower and enlighten people financially. I’ve been into money my whole life, and nothing has changed people’s lives financially the way accounting does. It’s crazy!

I dream that people will use their money to bring peace to the world. I like peace in relationships. When we laugh, it helps. I’m can’t tell a joke, but I can do funny by making humor of the situation.

I still laugh at a joke Kenneth Rougeau made. The Muslim neighbors were talking loud…obnoxiously loud. I told him they always talk loud. He said, “that’s because they learned to talk over gunfire.”

Sometimes I make clients laugh when I tell them, “Now comes the fun part of accounting.”

If you’re so smart with money, why aren’t you rich?

None of your business.  I respect that your money is your private business too.



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