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Mark Colman 30 September 2009


Artist, Explorer, Photographer, Raw Vegan, Multidimensional Nondenominational Hedonist

Mark Colman is an artist who works photographically. A professional photographer for over twenty years, Colman has worked in Milan, Italy, Madrid, Spain, San Francisco and spent sixteen years in Los Angeles doing fine art, fashion and advertising work.

In the early 1990′s, feeling creatively limited after ten years in fashion photography, Colman began developing a unique style of image manipulation. Combining lush images from nature with the female nude, his work was often thought of as digitally manipulated but was created using solely film based techniques.

Zoom magazines’ Franz Bee writes; “His style hearkens back to the highly original approach of the ‘Four Seasons’ by Archimboldo, the 16th century painter who created anthropomorphic compositions by magically assembling the produce typical of each season to create facial profiles.”


Not content to limit himself creatively, Colman works in many different genres of photography, including non-manipulated, intensely colored abstract work inspired by music.

Colman has spent over three years on a book project exploring cemeteries via classic, straight black and white photography, shot with vintage medium format film cameras.

Today, Colman continues to explore new visual worlds often combining his original film based techniques with digital manipulation.

He has worked with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adrian Belew, EMI, Warner Bros. His art work has been exhibited internationally. Colman has been profiled in ZOOM Magazine, Eyemazing Magazine and others. Resume with selected exhibition history.

Colman is available for fashion, advertising, editorial and portrait work:

What are you up to?

I am preparing for my first one man art exhibit in Portland. It will be at Wieden Kennedy’s PIE (Portland Incubator Experiment) space on October 1st, First Thursday:

I will be showing several large cibachrome color prints as well as a selection of work dating from 1991 until now. The opening will be from 6-9 PM. See link above for details.

What are you into?

I am into exploring, visually and in all ways. I like to go to new places.

I’m into raw vegan food and have been 100% raw for nine months and a vegetarian/vegan for twenty years.

I love to bike. Have been bike only for a year.

Into all sorts of music, mainly progressive (new King Crimson, Adrian Belew, Trey Gunn, Porcupine Tree), contemporary (Philip Glass, Steve Reich and others).

What do you like most about Portland?

It’s the people. They are so real and nice. They care about the environment (mostly!). I’ve made more friends in my first two years in Portland than I made in sixteen years in Los Angeles. I also love the weather! Let’s just not tell people that it ever stops raining!

After living in so many big cities, I see Portland as my true home. It’s the best. I feel like I belong here.

Do you photograph regular people or just models?

I do photograph real people. I actually specialize in making people look good. The skills I honed in Italy, making models look great, work for “real” people too. I am also available to do fine art portraits. I can make you into a unique work of art by combining the things you are all about and love with your image.

Why would you do such an extreme thing as to eat only a raw food diet?

I do it because it makes me feel great physically, it’s great for the environment and it pisses people off! Just kidding about the last part.


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