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Mark Gross 7 January 2008

Mark Gross

Linux kernel engineer, open source tinkerer, robot builder, intellectual wanderer

Mark Gross is a member of Intel’s Open source Technology Center (OTC). He is a kernel engineer that works on the Linux kernel for Intel.  Mark also participates in some industry working groups; the Consumer Electronics Linux Forum and the Linux Foundation.  

Mark has been with Intel for 13 years.  Its his 4th and longest held job out of school.  All the others where either technical or software positions.

Mark lives in the PDX NW burbs with his wife Dina, son Austin and daughter Hilary. Mark helps with the Cedar Mill Farmers market, ran by Dina.

What are you up to?

At work: I’m currently trying to study and reduce the performance impact of using an IOMMU under native Linux, (non-virtualized use).  

At home: Putting together a prototype IMU – compass combo for my robot hobby, hacking on the USB-BitWhacker, looking at the data fusion and analysis problems the PSAS rocket IMU has, working with some folks in PARTS on kicking off an open hardware effort to make a new Robot kit, looking into creating a OE/Poky distribution for the Eee PC / Classmate PC.

What are you into?


Creating coolness with others.  I really enjoy working with other folks to do and create new and interesting things.  I’m a technical guy so I gravitate toward tech stuff but I enjoy non-tech coolness too.

Urban bike riding, especially at night, I like to get around using my bike and public transport whenever I can.  It gives me a feeling of independence from the oil economy that dominates current society.  I do it to get to work (when its not raining hard in the morning) and around town to the various user groups I like to hang out with, Dorkbots, Python user group, PARTS, PSAS. I’m not hard core about it yet because the burbs are not bike friendly and sometimes I don’t feel safe out there on the bike.

Good Beer, good scotch, good food, hanging out and meeting fun people.

What do you like most about Portland?

The interesting things and communities I can get involved with just by showing up, its bike community, and the bike friendliness of down town.

Its high density of interesting, technical, and open source adventurers doing cool stuff.

I dream of moving do a more bike friendly location and selling my car as my kids move out in the next couple of years.

What is the best and worst aspects of working at Intel?

I am well paid to do Linux kernel work!  I get paid to go to conferences and work with the communities important to Linux and Intel.

I am a pawn in a large multi-national corporation that defines and constrains what I work on and what is important in ways that are exasperating.

What is your greatest fear?

I am paranoid that by the time I can afford to risk not working at Intel I wont be able to do anything great or even compete with the younger generations of nerds for start up employment opportunities.


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