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Matt Navarre 12 February 2008

Matt Navarre

Relational database developer, guitar nut

Matt began his database career in 1983, and has worked as an in-house relational database developer, an independent database consultant, and a commercial software developer. One thing in common with all three of these positions is FileMaker Pro, the award winning database.

Matt has founded two companies In 1989 it was MSN Media, his consulting company, and in 1999, he co-founded Pre1 Software. At Pre1, he grew an in-house database solution into a successful commercial product for a vertical market: Weekly newspapers and monthly magazines. Pre1 is one of only 30 FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum members in the world, and received a FileMaker Excellence Award in 2005.

Matt also develops solutions through MSN Media, Inc. for a variety of markets, including health care, family law, museums, and auto parts. Matt is an avid podcast fan and co-hosts a FileMaker Podcast (available on iTunes), and runs two Portland FileMaker developer groups. He continually strives for better data models, interface designs, and bullet-proof business logic.

Music is the main passion in Matt’s personal life, from Classical to Blues and everything in between. In his [copious] spare time, he plays, collects, and builds electric guitars and tube amplifiers. Matt also has an extensive collection of music and is an early adopter of technology. He stood in line [with Raven Zachary!] for an iPhone on day one, which was quite in-character, and inline with Matt’s long-time love of all things Macintosh.

Matt’s favorite conversation topics are music, computers, religion, atheism, and antidisestablishmentarianism. You just never see that word these days.

What are you up to?

Working on a year-long database project for the Oregon Department of Health and Human Services. Lead developer for Pre1 software, developers of SmartPublisher. Also, I have several other FileMaker pro database clients that I really enjoy.

Playing electric guitar and playing with the new Roland VG-99 guitar processor, which is insanely cool. Preparing to present at the annual FileMaker Pro database conference.

What are you into?

I’m into all things database. I’m currently building several test databases with over 1 billion records, developing new methods that push the envelope, listening to a wide variety of music from Mahler to Foo Fighters, and playing guitar. Music and Macs the heart of what makes me go, and it’s REALLY fun when the two come together.

What do you like most about Portland?

Portland is not too big, and not too small. It’s getting bigger though, which is a bit of a concern. We have stumptown coffee here (I do miss Torrefazione), the Aladdin theater and the Schnitz for music, and some great restaurants like Sweet Basil, Sungari Pearl, and Burgerville (ha).

When I lived in California, it just seemed that so many of the people around me were kind of fake. They were into money and what it could buy, and didn’t seem to be thinking about more important things in life that aren’t so tied to money.

I love that even in pretty busy traffic, you can still get around Portland pretty easy.

Why develop database with FileMaker?

There are so many great choices out there – PHP with MySQL, Oracle, Access, etc. My reasons for using FileMaker: Because it’s fast to develop, easy to maintain, and rock-solid to deploy for up to 200 users. Also, I’ve been using it for 20 years, so I know it inside and out. It keeps evolving over the years, and the current version is a truly powerful database platform that really delivers. I know, it sounds like I’m a poster boy, but I DO product a Podcast on database development, after all.

What really matters in life?

Music moves me. I can only program effectively if there’s tunes playing, but that’s a utility. Sometimes, the music that I’m listening to or playing just takes me right outside of what I’m doing, and I can only hear the music. It could be Glenn Gould playing Bach, or it could be ‘The Pretender’ by the Foo Fighters. So many different forms are just captivating.

I’ve also been spending a great deal of time thinking about faith, and the lack thereof. There is such a greaty variety of religion in the world, each believing that it’s the one true faith. It’s a subject that I really enjoy having one-on-one conversations about.


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