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Nick Bostic 1 April 2008

Nick Bostic

Marketer, tech teacher, suit-wearing treehugger

Nick Bostic is the Director of Marketing and Technology for Chicago Title Insurance Company of Oregon. During the day, he helps area REALTORS® and mortgage professionals to expand their knowledge of computer usage, blogging, social networking and other online marketing techniques. Nick is also known to help troubleshoot a technical problem on a moment’s notice for an extensive list of software applications. He has recently begun to tap into the local tech industry in an effort to bring local software solutions to real estate professionals. Between teaching frequent classes, one-on-one coaching sessions and helping with real estate technology problems, Nick is constantly researching new products and services to help REALTORS® market themselves and their listings while emphasizing “green” options.

Outside of his day job, Nick plays the tenor saxophone, keeps in contact with his national real estate colleagues via Twitter (@nbostic), is learning to stilt walk and is nothing like the suit and tie he wears all day. He went to college at the University of Oregon and studied finance, marketing, management and computer information technology. He was a very active SCUBA instructor, but is now a less than active diver. Much of his free time is spent in Eugene where most of his friends still currently reside.

Nick lives in Beaverton, very close to where he has lived his entire life. After reading countless books on the topic, Nick has realized his is the stereotype of Generation Y despite fighting stereotypes all his life.

Nick is always on the lookout for new ideas and ways to use them. He is always looking to make difficult technology concepts easy for the general public.

What are you up to?

I’m just trying to cram my brain with as much information as possible on a daily basis so I can figure out what it is I’m supposed to be doing. I’m really focusing on achieving a work/life balance lately. It’s been difficult, but I’m realizing early on that it’s important to my sanity.

What are you into?

I’m really diving head first into all of the social networking and blogging that is slowly creeping into the real estate industry. I’m spending way too much time on my computer, but have set reasonably strict rules about when it gets turned off so I can focus on the fun things like home improvement projects, watching movies and getting started on my new stiltwalking hobby.

What do you like most about Portland?

The biggest thing about Portland for me is my familiarity with it. I grew up here, I’ve spent almost all of my life here. Even growing up in the suburbs, my parents took me into downtown all the time so I’m familiar with most of the neighborhoods, restaurants and shops. Something new is always sprouting up though, so it’s fun to see what’s new. My favorite part though is Forest Park. It’s the largest natural urban forest in the US and I love driving through it on my way back from downtown. Being able to drive through a beautiful forest after a stressful day keeps me here.

Where do you see your career in 10 years?

I would like to see my career take more of an educational role. I would like to help people across a wide variety of industries, including real estate, to take advantage of the growing online social tools available to them. I enjoy public speaking and the questions that come out of my classes. I try to focus on making topics understandable to everyone and make myself available to those who need more help afterwards.

I would also like to help older HR and marketing professionals to better understand how to acquire and retain Generation Y employees. I am amazed at the adversarial mentality of many people I come in contact on both sides of the generation gap. I think people should try to learn as much as possible from one another and I hope to facilitate that learning process.

Something of a Social Networking Consultant/Generation Y translator/Corporate Technology Trainer.

You said you are working on adjusting your work/life balance. How do you see
that balance changing?

I see my focus being on a way to make my work part of my life. Due to a recent family illness I am having one of those re-evaluate my life periods and I’m realizing that the time spent with friends and family is what truly defines us as people, not the careers we hold.  I hope to someday figure out a way to do something I enjoy that helps other peoples and still allows me to live the lifestyle I want – being able to pay bills, travel to do some SCUBA diving, go camping with friends and spend lots of time with close friends and family.  A great friend of mine has it right when he says on his voicemail “Have a grateful day”.


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