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Nick Krautter 14 March 2008

Nick Krautter

Realtor, Writer, Musician, Perpetual Optimist

After leaving the vast wilderness of his Northern California upbringing Nick Krautter left for San Francisco with nothing more than a guitar, some clothes and a scholarship to SFSU. Four years later Nick was waking at 4am to work as a morning show producer at KDFC-FM and had finished a degree in Marketing and Music.

Radio soon became too predictable and Nick left to start his own artist management company. He traveled from SFO to LAX to JFK to LON and back and forth over and over with an annual stop at SXSW in Austin. For two years he also taught aspiring musicians and music business upstarts at his alma mater. After many tours, record deals, parties, fights, negotiations, a quarter-life crisis involving a Porsche a Sailboat and too many women Nick decided to pack up again.

So, on the morning after recording the last vocal track of his first album the move to Portland was made with all worldly possessions in the back of a modest Corolla wagon.

Nick’s first Portland home was on 42nd and Division, a tiny ranch shared with a new love and a very hyper chocolate lab. A year was spent writing music for TV ads, touring musically the country and much of the world as a tourist.

After a year of wandering a decision was made with hope and fear to endeavor into an entirely new world called Real Estate. Starting at Keller Williams in January of ’06 he soon realized that all the people meeting and contract negotiating of his free wheeling artist manager past were put to great use in this new occupation. In just two years he has built a very successful business helping people buy and sell property here in Portland. As unexpected as the new career was it has been, he admits, one of the best decisions of his life. A true hand-in-glove fit and an honest passion.

What are you up to?

I am building my business; I just got my Principal Brokers license a year early and hired a licensed assistant and plan on hiring a buyer’s agent this year.

As an admitted self-help junkie one of my goals this year is to finish my first draft of Embracing the Cheesy: Your number one guide to success in Real Estate… A satirical guide to success.

I am also one half of the Portland Report – a quarterly real estate news show.

What are you into?

Music: Playing, writing and seeing more of it this year. I have a new project called Mt. Everest – see the former musical me.

Tennis: Putting together a team for the summer WTT league – I annoy many people with how much I fall in love with tennis each summer.  Seeing America win the Davis Cup this year in Portland was absolutely amazing.

People: I love people and now that I have some help with work I can spend more time with them.

Outdoors: But mostly in the warmer dryer times of year.

Real Estate: I blog every week at my site I’m looking for a bigger home this year after two years in my modest 100 year old Sellwood home.  I love helping people buy and sell their homes – I feel very lucky that I love my job so much.

What do you like most about Portland?

After living in San Francisco for 8 years I love that Portland has that big city feel with easy small town parking! That was honestly the first thing that struck me on my first visit. I also feel like this city is a middle ground between my upbringing in the forest and my young adulthood in the big city.

I am currently trying to find my favorite restaurant in Portland for every type of food; I have a few picked out and I consider this a mission in life. I am also now a beer snob and was terrified when visiting Florida that Heineken is considered a micro-brew there. Lompoc gets my vote for best local brewery.

I love the people here and how it is possible for people to actually buy an affordable home. I also love that you can be an artist and work part time and make it here. I love how forward looking this city is with the Urban Growth Boundary, bike lanes, the green building, bio-diesel, urban forests and tolerant people.

So no one has a crystal ball… but what are your predictions for real estate in Portland?

In the near term I think we’re going to keep appreciating for two reasons: One is the Urban Growth Boundary that restricts urban sprawl, keeping density close in. Two, people are still moving here and unless that trend stops or reverses then there will be a continued demand for real estate. One thing that people forget is that even as I write this in the Winter of ’07 –’08 during the highest point of inventory ever in Portland Metro, prices are still going up and it is a seller’s market in most close in neighborhoods.

In the long term I think we need more density close in – the Westside has good density now but the Eastside has none to speak of – I dream of the Central Eastside Industrial district being redeveloped as retail with condos on top.

Tell us about your universal theory of life.

I believe that at any given moment that everyone is doing exactly what they want to do. Many people seem to react to this initially with a scoff but if you look deep enough into motivation then it makes perfect sense.

If you hate your job but you choose to keep going then you are likely afraid of what might happen if you quit and value the security of having a place to go and the income. If you hate your job and you choose to quit then you value your happiness over the security of that particular job.

I think it is important to remember that everything we do is by choice and if you choose your life you’ll be much happier with it.


Website, The Portland Report, Facebook

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