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Nick Zolotko 15 February 2008

Nick Zolotko

Star Wars nerd with a hint of normality

Nick Zolotko has lived in Vancouver, WA for about 13 years. Nick moved from a small town in Wisconsin during 2nd grade. Nick has really only been in the PDX scene for a short time. Vancouver may not be Portland but still affected by almost everything Portland does.

Nick was awarded the Washington State Safety Patrol Hall of Fame during his time as a Safety Patrol guard in elementary school.

Nick now works for the Department of Homeland Security. A simple job but one that he enjoys doing. Nick is trying to work up to become a Law Enforcement Officer, either be it a federal or local officer. Nick is currently enrolled with Portland’s Krav Maga Offical training center. Krav Maga being the self defense from Israeli Defense Force and self defense of choice for Federal Air Marshals.

Nick has been a long time fan of Star Wars. It all started one night when Nick’s parents brought home Empire Strikes Back. That night changed Nicks life forever. Star Wars is now a big part in his life. Nick has costumed for Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith movie releases starting at school then standing in line. Nick did make it to Star Wars Celebration 3 as a graduation gift from his parents. From there the 501st Legion impressed him so much he joined once he turned 18.

Nick Zolotko has always been on the tech scene. Nick has been interacting computers since he was 5. Nick was selected for his high schools tech support program as a freshmen and continued to his senior year. Nick was anti-Mac during his freshmen year only to be the schools head Mac Administrator during his junior and senior year.

Nick loves to chat on IRC with his fellow Star Wars nerds from the Star Wars Combine. There Nick has become known to his group as an idler, IRC expert, and IRC scripter resident expert.

Nick still currently lives in Vancouver, WA. Nick corresponds in the PDX Twitter Storm Team for the North Vancouver and PDX Airport areas.

What are you up to?

I’m currently trying to get into shape after being a long time computer chair potato. I have just been elected as Cloud City Garrison Commanding Officer so I will be taking the lead for the Star Wars Costuming group in the Oregon and Southwest Washington area. I have just gotten into Ignite Portland the last time around with #2. I am hoping to be able to present at Ignite Portland #4 about Star Wars Costuming and have the Garrison make a showing.

What are you into?

As you can tell I am a huge Star Wars fan. But besides just Star Wars, I am a huge movie fan. I try to learn about movie theater technology and home theater whenever I come up on it. I enjoy finding the “sweet spot” of every movie theater I go to. I wish there was more THX theaters around PDX but I have to make do.

I am also really big into playing my Xbox 360. I love to play Military Tactical games like America’s Army: True Soldiers and Rainbow Six: Vegas. Another Genre I play is rhythm like Rock Band and Guitar Hero 2. I am on Xbox Live at least once a week if not a lot more.

What do you like most about Portland?

I enjoy the little things about Portland. The constant rain even if the sun is out. I love being able to be a few hours out from most any terrain. The tech scene is just great being able to be so close to major players in the field and not know it. The traditions Portland provide are a great way on how to get out for example the Rose Festival.

What makes you want to be a Law Enforcement Officer?

I have grown up watching the majority of Cop shows there is to provide. I have always had a deep respect for the law and authority from watching these shows. The risks are great in this field but they don’t scare me. I believe that I can be apart of something more if I am able to make the community safer. Taking bad guys off the streets seems like a rewarding career.

What was your best multiplayer game while playing an FPS?

I have a few to choose from. On Xbox Live I would have to say the time where I was the sniper on Rainbow Six: Vegas. We where playing Assignation and I was on the OpFor team trying to take out the VIP. I was located on a 2nd floor parking structure looking at the back of the restaurant.  The door closest to my location opened and the team threw out some smoke trying to provide cover. I saw this and decided to shoot blindly where I knew there was an open spot. The first shot had a headshot to one of the VIP’s protector and then another shot came and hit the VIP. The game was over after I calculated where the VIP would be if he was moving in the smoke. Best shot I have ever had.


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