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Rebecca Goings 2 March 2008

Rebecca Goings

Romance Author, Housewife, Homeschooler

Rebecca Goings has always enjoyed writing stories. As a young child, she wrote stories and poems to stay sane through her parents’ divorce and the lonely years ahead. Her stories not only became her therapy, but they became her safe-haven as well. Knowing that becoming an author was her dream, Rebecca entered her stories and poems into contests and won a few awards. She wrote her first romance as a junior in high school and shared it with friends, who encouraged her that it was good enough to publish. But Rebecca decided to have a family first before pursuing her dream. Currently, Rebecca is published at Samhain Publishing, Champagne Books, and Cobblestone Press, all small but up-and-coming electronic and print publishers.  You can find and order her books at any bookstore, or buy them online from   This year, her goal is to be published at Harlequin for their Silhouette Desire line.

She lived in Los Angeles before moving to Oregon in 2001, and has vowed never to leave the Pacific Northwest.  She lives in Hillsboro with her husband Jim, four kids (which she homeschools), two cats, and a dog.

To learn more about Rebecca Goings, please visit her website. Send an email or join her Google group to join in the fun with other readers! Rebecca also has a newsletter group.

What are you up to?

Currently, I’m writing an historical romance for Champagne Books entitled “Once a Dreamer”.  It is part of a series of books with my fellow authors about children who once rode the Orphan Train in the late 1800′s.  Of course these books are full of conflict and these girls find love along the way.  My book set in Dodge City, KS as well as Topeka, KS in 1878.  

When this book is finished, I plan to jump into a book I’ve had rattling around in my brain for Silhouette Desire.  That one will be about a wealthy rancher in Texas who falls for his housekeeper, but he believes she’s nothing more than a gold digger.  Is she?  You’ll have to read to find out.   Let’s hope Harlequin likes it!

What are you into?

From the age of seven, I’ve loved to write stories.  It didn’t matter if they were poems, short stories, or hand-written novellas, I always had something creative going on.  As with most every young girl, I was also fascinated with romance and happily ever afters.  However, it wasn’t until I found my sister’s romance novel stash after she’d gone off to college that I decided I wanted to be a romance author.

In 1998, my first pregnancy convinced me to teach myself to crochet.  My husband’s surrogate grandmother *loved* to crochet, and she loaned me her books, some hooks, and some yarn, and away I went.  I wanted to make my baby a nice blankie.  It wasn’t long until I was making afghans for every member of my family.

Currently, I’m going to teach myself how to quilt.  I’ve made one quilt, a small wall hanging for the birth of my sister’s second son.  So I have *some* experience, but not much.  I’m going to attempt to make a double Irish chain quilt for my oldest daughter’s birthday on April 22nd.

What do you like most about Portland?

There isn’t any one thing I love about Portland.  I love it all.  I grew up in Carson City, Nevada, so sand and sage was all I knew.  My sister moved up here in 1987 to go to college at Willamette University, and my father and I used to visit her often.  I fell in love with it in the old days.  Beautiful snow-capped mountains, fresh, sweet air, and GREEN everywhere you looked.  It was kind of like an unspoiled landscape.

It wasn’t until 1991, when I spent the summer here as a teen with my sister and her new husband that I decided this was where I wanted to live for the rest of my life.  Thankfully, I met a man who fell in love with the Pacific Northwest as well during one of our family vacations with my sister.  After living in L.A. where they literally PAINT the medians green to look like grass, we were more than ready for the real thing.

I love how gorgeous it is up here.  The wilderness, the forests, the babbling brooks, the greenery.  I also love the rain.  I’m never leaving.  I wish I was a native.  But alas, I am only an “adopted” native.

What kind of books do you write?

I am a romance author, and I’ve written in many genres.  I have a few series available, one about shape-shifters who are running from a secret agency, another about cursed twin brothers, one a ghost, the other a vampire.  Yet another series I have is about a dragon, a magical talisman, and good ol’ sword and sorcery.  Not only that, I write historical westerns and “plain” contemporary romances.  Many of my fans love the fact that I write across the board, because chances are I write something they’ll like.  And if they like my writing well enough, they might just try one of my other genres.  

I’ve never wanted to write myself into a box.  A lot of people tell you that you should “brand” yourself, meaning, if someone hears your name, they should think of the one genre you write in.  Like Louis L’amour and you think western.  Stephen King, you think horror.  But that’s not so prevalent nowadays.  I suppose you could say my brand is that you can’t nail me to the floor.  I have a lot of stories inside of me, and I want to tell them all without having to use 50 different pen names to get the job done.  If I ever become “famous” for my books, then I want to do it under my own name.

With four kids, writing novels, and homeschooling, how do you find time to do it all?

I’m very busy.  Every single day, there’s something going on.  I homeschool my children (aged 8,7,6 & 5) in the morning, and it actually doesn’t take as long as a full school day.  We’re usually done about an hour past lunch time and there’s no homework to do.  So after school is chore time (which the kids help me out tremendously), then after that is when we go on our walks, as I have to exercise for my health (I have diabetes).  The kids go to karate class two to three times a week, and when they’re in class, I bring my laptop and sit in my van for a glorious, uninterrupted hour typing away.  I sometimes get quiet time after they go to bed.  It’s definitely hard to juggle it all.


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