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Scott Davis 4 March 2008

Scott Davis

Brand strategist, climber, family man, fan of The Dude

* The Dude

Scott Davis was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. After finishing his mandatory schoolings, he studied and frolicked on the beaches of Malibu for a year before swearing off all cities not Portland (except for travel). Upon his return, he worked and finished his studies. He has since started his own virtual branding agency, called From The Rooftops, won multiple Fantasy Baseball Championships, summited Mt. Hood, published some articles for pubs like Sustainable Industries Journal and Media Inc, and consumed countless pints of Copacetic IPA. Scott has a stunner of a wife and two studly boys, and strives to be the world’s best mix tape creator.

Professionally, Scott finds himself called to the movement of upending the traditional agency model. With the rich freelance network plus all the boutique specialist agencies Portland has, he sees no reason to maintain a big firm with all the overhead and growing pains that go with it. Instead, he is constantly searching for talented people to partner with when the perfect projects or clients come along. On this journey, he has been inspired by similar endeavors such as We The Media, and conversations with people like Chris King, Dino and Kim at Periscopic, and Matt Pierce.

Personally, Scott finds himself called to the pursuit of climbing each of Colorado’s 50+ 14ers. He’s not sure if it’s the name 14ers or his inner ‘collector’ trying to find something shiny and new since he’s fallen out of love with his comic books, toothpick holders, and postcards, but he’s currently plotting to bag his first three this summer.

What are you up to?

At the moment, I am glowing from seeing Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova win a much-deserved Oscar for their amazing music in Once. That has only briefly taken me away from yearning for Opening Day of baseball season.

Enjoyable distractions aside, I am happily busy building my business, loving my amazing family, helping to get up and running, and trying to reinvigorate my creative writing endeavors through the reincarnation of 76, a literary zine I helped create in college.

What are you into?

Getting beyond cordiality. Living a real life and having real relationships with people. I like knowing people, friends and clients alike. I love relationships that have trust, kindness and compassion. The kind where you can call each other on your B.S. and nothing is out of bounds, but everything is sacred.

That and TV On The Radio. And girls named Mary.

What do you like most about Portland?

King Burrito, Columbia Park, the Black Cat Tavern, bike lanes, Elliott Smith’s memory, Joanne and David at Geraldi’s on 4th, Sauvie Island, the Ecotrust building, Powell’s, Amnesia Brewing, Willy Vlautin, the view in any direction, New Seasons, Brandon Roy, Pier Park disc golf course, Concordia Ale House, Jamison Fountain

What do you love most about your work?

Creating positive change by helping clients to find their identity, stimulate their culture, and build rich and enduring relationships with their constituents.

If you could meet anyone—living or dead, real or imaginary—who would it be?

Yoda, hands down. The perfect combination of monk, philosopher and extreme badass. If they had to be real, then Neal Cassady.


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