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Sioux Fleming 10 January 2008

Sioux Fleming

Technologist, computer threat security evangelist, avid camper, cat person

Sioux Fleming is a director of product management for security management at CA, responsible for enterprise computer threat management products. She joined CA as part of its acquisition of PestPatrol, where she served as group product manager. Sioux has a wide range of experience in the security tools industry, including antivirus and encryption security in addition to anti-spyware. She also has prior experience in the software industry in media asset management tools, enterprise PC migration tools and other system utilities at companies such as Central Point Software and Symantec. Sioux holds a bachelor of science degree in physics from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon.

What are you up to?

As a director of product management at CA, I’m our computer threat security evangelist between customers and the product team. Computer threats include viruses and other malware, direct attacks, spam and privacy issues. I give talks and do webcasts on this topic at industry conferences and events. I also visit customers who may be having recurring problems with threat security to develop an implementation plan to resolve the problems.  

I also work with the press and analysts, conduct training on our products, and review and edit security blog postings for the CA Security Adviser website.

I first became involved with computer security and data recovery in the early 90s at a company called Central Point Software, later purchased by Symantec. My ability to understand the needs of customers and the fun I have in working with them and with the product teams has been what has kept me in product management for over fifteen years.

What are you into?

I love to read. I have over 15,000 books and rarely leave a bookstore without several more. I don’t know what it’s like to go to sleep without reading first. I read science and fantasy fiction, paranormal fiction, cookbooks, knitting books and books on whatever else catches my attention.

I love to cook and bake. I particularly like figuring out how to make good camping food. I also like to knit and always have several projects going.  I have enough yarn to last several knitters’ lifetimes.

I’m an avid fan and supporter of public radio and listen to many shows on the radio and by podcast or streaming audio. I also write a blog on whatever catches my attention – absurd camping gear, crazy USB devices, products for the rich and pretentious or whatever else I think up and can find a product or story.

I also really enjoy camping and as all my friends can confirm, my car is pretty much fully packed for camping year round, including the firewood and the booze as well as all the gear.

What do you like most about Portland?

Unlike most people I know here, I am from Portland and other than a stint in graduate school, have lived here all my life. I love how friendly strangers are here when compared with other cities. It’s common to have a stranger join a conversation I’m having with someone and for all participants to expect and enjoy that.

I like the size of the city, the generally pedestrian and mass transit friendly nature of it as well as the quick access to outdoor activities including the beach and mountain camping.

I live in one of the older parts of southeast Portland in the Hawthorne area and the ability to do everything I want on foot is the biggest attraction to this area for me.

What does an evangelist do?

Evangelist is a term that means different things at different companies. In my role, this means I am the interface between the public and the product team. By public I mean both our large customers and government agencies as well as the larger public I encounter at security conferences and industry events. My role is to find out what problems and needs customers have, what trends they are seeing and take all that back to the product team so we can develop solutions. I’m also one of the people involved if we have a customer emergency or escalation with our product, so part of the evangelist role includes troubleshooting for the customer when all else fails.

Do you really have over 15,000 books?

Yes. It’s appalling, really. There are books everywhere.  My bookcases are completely full, with books sliding out into piles all over the floor. There are books on every piece of furniture in the house. I keep my books because I like to re-read them over and over.


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